Photos: Al Franken Is A MORON For Thinking These Stupid Russian Facebook Ads Swayed The 2016 Election

LOL! More of the Democrats’ “Red Scare” conspiracy theories are being exposed every day.

Al Franken, part of a Senate committee investigating Twitter and Facebook’s role in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, was all fire and brimstone at a hearing this morning.

His tone admonished the Tech gurus and their lawyers for ruining his post-election night party plans, er, that is, allowing Russia to have “influence” over our election.

But the images displayed – with utter Cold War seriousness – around the courtroom included several examples of Russian Facebook ads displayed in 2016.

The hilarious and stupid Russian ads made Franken’s graveyard-serious attitude feel a little weird.

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A sampling:

Anyone who would be persuaded to vote for a potential President on the basis of “Woke Blacks” is probably not smart enough to know how to register.

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