Neil Cavuto Absolutely DESTROYS CNN In 3 Minutes: Now You’re The One’s Royally… “Foxed!”

You gotta love it… After 8 years of biased media madness in favor of Barack Obama and the VAST amount of mud that’s been slung at Fox News and Conservatives across America, CNN is FINALLY Getting a taste of it’s own medicine.

President Trump isn’t going to play their games. He’s already publicly denounced CNN for being “fake news” during a live press conference, and we have a feeling this is JUST the beginning.

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You’re going to love this video of Fox’s Neil Cavuto absolutely torching CNN and their petty ways of conducting “news & journalism” for almost a decade. While Cavuto holds back no punches, he strikes with a sense of grace and tact that is not seen anywhere in Liberal media.


And best yet? In exactly ONE week, The Big Boss will be inaugurated and we’ll finally have a true American in office. Oh, happy days!

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