Mike Pence Just Left an NFL Game Because “They disrespected our soldiers, our Flag and our National Anthem.”

Thank you Mike Pence!

There was some surprise and confusion when Donald Trump picked Mike Pence as his Vice President, but we told you at the time to trust Trump because he knows what he’s doing.

Boy did he ever make the right pick!

Here’s what just happened involving V.P. Pence and the NFL:

Mike and his wife went to Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the Colts and honor Peyton Manning.  They were excited to be there, and he sent out this Tweet:

But it didn’t take long for things to go badly.  As in, the playing of the National Anthem.

Boy oh boy did the NFL drama queens pick the wrong game to disrespect our Anthem.  Pence upstaged them all and walked right the hell out of the game!

Check it out:

Amen, Mr. Pence, thank you!  Thank you for standing up for our soldiers, our flag and our anthem!  And our country!

He went on to explain more:

I am so proud of Mike Pence right now, I can barely explain it.

How about you?

Do you agree with him walking out?  Do you stand with Trump and Pence or with the NFL?

We want to hear you, please comment below.

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