Mainstream Media Reverses Stance, Admits Major Border Crisis -

Mainstream Media Reverses Stance, Admits Major Border Crisis

The mainstream media have been aligned against President Trump, especially on immigration, from day one. Every time the President tried to appeal to the American people, explaining exactly how critical the situation is along the U.S.-Mexico border, the media hammered him.


I guess “dozens of respected national security experts” are either horrible at their jobs or are acting upon their own personal political motivations.

Democrats: Read my lips, “No. Southern. Border. Crisis.” The mainstream media ate it up every time.

In the face of countless experts, current and former, especially those directly involved with the U.S.-Mexico border, the media continued to echo and sometimes shape the narrative the Democrats were running to the cameras to push: There is nothing to see here. Trump and the GOP are just racists.

It could be considered laughable if it weren’t for the thousands of illegals who continue to pour into the country, using up American tax dollar-supported services, getting the full top of the line U.S. entitlements treatment, and providing a medium for drugs and criminals to slip through undetected.

However, the mainstream media has literally done a complete 180, now scrambling to label what is happening at the border a crisis—precisely the term they’ve been savaging the President over for months. Fox News has coverage of the media’s sudden about-face:

“Months after repeatedly dismissing and mocking President Trump’s claim of a national emergency at the Southern U.S. border, the mainstream media are grappling with reality, with no less than The New York Times declaring the border crisis at ‘breaking point.’

. . .

‘The U.S. Immigration System May Have Reached a Breaking Point,’ a New York Times story read Wednesday, detailing the unprecedented problems at the border.

‘It was never like this before,’ the article states. ‘The migrants come now in the middle of the night or in the bright light of day. Men and women arrive by the hundreds, caked with dirt, with teens and toddlers in tow.’

The story claims that a ‘breaking point’ has been reached in America’s immigration system, which is no longer able to cope with the unseen levels of illegal immigration.

‘The country is now unable to provide either the necessary humanitarian relief for desperate migrants or even basic controls on the number and nature of who is entering the United States,’ the story notes.”

It is interesting that they are apparently seeing the light for the first time. What is unsettling, though, is not knowing to what end they are now jumping onto this bandwagon.

It could possibly be because the evidence is so overwhelming that the media risk further damaging their credibility if they drop the ball on this one. Also, individuals are sounding off on the situation being a crisis who cannot be accused of having partisan motives, as Fox News rightfully points out in this piece:

“Obama-era Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan sounded the alarm Thursday on the crisis at the southern border, testifying before Congress that the crisis is “at a magnitude never seen in modern times” and urging lawmakers to act to stop what he described as a virtual ‘open border policy.’

‘We’re experiencing a crisis at the southern border at a magnitude never seen in modern times, it’s unprecedented,’ Morgan, who served as the head of U.S. Border Patrol during the Obama administration, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.”

Make no mistake, there is a crisis going on at the southern border. The media have been ignoring and/or scoffing at the very idea that what’s going on is a problem. Apparently, they couldn’t continue to stand on principle when the facts clearly rendered their principle void.

Here is Border Patrol Chief Agent Rodolfo Karisch on the state of his agency’s fight along the U.S.-Mexico border and how many illegals are invading America.

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