List of Trump Accomplishments In Office Is Stunning! SHARE! -

List of Trump Accomplishments In Office Is Stunning! SHARE!

Despite how the left wants to claim Trump is having a bad time as President, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  

In reality, in his first 5 months in office, President Trump has accomplished many remarkable feats that previously seemed impossible!  Here’s the short list:

#1 – Killed TPP

This is massive.  It would have been the final nail in the coffin to the USA and Trump knew it.  One of his first acts as President was to get us the Hell out!

#2 – Killed Paris Climate Scam

See #1 above.  If TPP didn’t kill us, Paris would have.

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#3 – Notice to Withdraw from NAFTA in 90 Days

See #1 and #2 above.  The trifecta of globalist scum was TPP, Paris and NAFTA.  Trump is systematically disabling the Marxist, globalist regime.

#4 – Freed churches and clergy from Federal yoke

This one has largely gone unreported, but the religious freedom Trump has transferred back to churches and clergy will be revolutionary

#5 – Already Streamlining and Reforming the VA

The VA was dead and patients were ended up dead after sitting on waiting lists for months with no treatment.  Trump has already turned this around and it will only get better.

#6 – Privatizing and Rebuilding Air Traffic Control

This has received virtually no press coverage, but we definitely covered it here.  This may be one of my favorites on this list.  I think it is vastly underrated.  We will see the benefits for decades.  You don’t even realize how bad things are right now.  It’s like Apple.  You never knew you NEEDED a smartphone until Steve Jobs gave it to you.  Just wait, the same will hold true here and we’ll look back and wonder how the Hell we ever routed thousands of planes through a 1960’s system of paper slips.  Terrifying.  What Trump is doing here is called leadership and vision.  You don’t recognize it because we’ve seen so little of it over the last 30 years.  Oh, and nice little side note on this one, it will save BILLIONS of wasted tax dollars on the government running (messing up) this program.

#7 – Increased Military Spending by OTHER Countries in NATO

Due solely to our President, we are no longer footing the entire bill for the world.  Other countries are now starting to pay their fair share, with Canada’s share increasing 73% already!  Payable in maple syrup and flannel (kidding!).

#8 – Dismantling the Islamic Stranglehold in the Middle East

Trump has created the UNPRECEDENTED coalition of 50+ Muslim nations to fight Islamic terror.  Note, we do not call it “radical” Islamic terror here, because all Islam is radical if they were to follow the demonic writings of the Koran.  So it’s just “Islamic Terror”.  And Trump somehow got 50 Muslim countries to join this coalition.  Stunning.  He also cut off and isolated the Muslim Brotherhood (CIA) in Qatar.  And he’s ordered General Mattis to systematically wipe out ISIS at any cost.

Got any others to add?  Please add your own in the comments!  And SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

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