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Lindsay Graham: “How GOOD Was My Meeting with Trump?”

Lindsey Graham proved he does, in fact, have a sense of humor in there somewhere!

I’m still no Lindsey Graham fan, but you gotta admit this is a pretty funny tweet.

Do you remember during the primary season when Trump sparred with Graham?  Trump famously pointed out how Graham couldn’t even get to 1% in the polls.  It was true!

Then after Graham fired back, Trump responded by reading Graham’s cell phone number at one of his rallies.  Classic!

Graham’s phone was blown up with thousands of non-stop calls and he eventually had to get a new number.  It was an event that made us all love Trump even more!

With that history, Lindsey Graham just posted the following Tweet, which you have to admit is pretty funny:

How to Destroy Your Cell Phone With Sen. Lindsey Graham

Everyone has an old cell phone they need to get rid of. So does Senator & GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham. There are many creative ways to dispose of these old devices. Here are a few.

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