Incredible List of Trump's Victories So Far In Office! -

Incredible List of Trump’s Victories So Far In Office!

The Fake Media will never report this honestly, so we will!

Want to know what Trump has accomplished in 6 short months in office?

It’s pretty incredible.

With all credit to the original author, Butch Robinson on Facebook, here is his tremendous post that needs to go viral.  And if you love this post, you can read more from him at

Take a look:

FOX, NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, now like fish out of water, flopping on the bank, flailing, injuring itself as it screams, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.

The Deep State Press is LOSING. It has been a hell of a battle since Benghazi when they lost control of the dialectic, or at least the common dialectic began to be questioned by the masses. They have battled with every weaponized LIE they could invent, create, manufacture, feign to exist, and THEY ARE LOSING.

Despite the FAKE RUSSIA narrative being TOTALLY exposed as FRAUD NEWS, they keep hammering it, because it is all they have. Everywhere we look, WE THE PEOPLE are winning and they dare not, cannot, must not report that.
*GONE is the TPP,
*GONE is the slavery to Agenda 21 and Agenda 30
*GONE is the Paris Marxist Control Climate Agreement,
*Diminished is the Power of the Globalist/Marxist European Union.
*Empowered is Central Europe’s Three Seas Initiative.
*Illegal Immigration is cut by two-thirds, and Trump is continuing to press the issue.
*NAFTA renegotiations scheduled and a good outcome or NAFTA is history – either way, it is
*the END of the Marxist/Globalist North American Union
*Slugs, Sadists, Drug Abusers, and other sickos at Veterans Hospitals and in the Veterans Administration can now be FIRED and are being fired and replaced with competent caring people.
*American is now energy INDEPENDENT, a goal 70 years stated, with no intention of happening, until TRUMP.
*The Chains of Cultural Marxist Speech Slavery (You know as Political Correctness) have been SMASHED, CHATTERED not just broken.
*The Possibility of America surviving AS A NATION and not as a state in a Globalist One World Government is close to 100 percent now, and two years ago the chances were nearly 0 percent. THIS IS HUGE!
*The Muzzle of the Johnson Amendment has been removed from America’s Clergy, together with the CONSTANT I.R.S. Harassment.
*Gas Prices are at a 16 year LOW.
*Construction is cranking up.
*We have a real chance of truly rebuilding out crumbling infrastructure.
*Our country is no longer BOWING to ISLAM!
*WE have thrown off the Dhimmi status the Obama Muslims laid upon us.
*We are Rallying with the Christians of the World to fight Islamic Terror and to save Western Civilization – Trump stated it CLEARLY in his Warsaw Speech.
*We have Averted World War Three, and a year ago we knew it would take a miracle to do that. THAT MIRACLE has happened in the FORCE of Donald Trump and the America FIRST Truth and Liberty Movement.

What is the Globalist Deep State Psyops Media left with? Nothing, except Russia on an endless loop, because they don’t want you to know how GREAT is our present WIN, and the WINNING that is to come.

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