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Impossible Not To Laugh, The Queen of the Snowflakes!

I dare you to watch this video and not laugh.  Multiple times. 

I am dubbing this lady Queen of the Snowflakes.  Congratulations ma’am, it’s quite an accomplishment, but you definitely earned it with this rant.

The pink hair.  The request to have a Spanish translator so that she didn’t “disenfranchise the hispanics”.  And most of all, the strong entitlement attitude all combine to crown you Queen of the Snowflakes!

So here’s the brief summary.  This lady, I mean…..The Queen…..was so upset that her local McDonalds were no longer selling the “ma-crib” sandwich, that she took to City Hall to petition her city leaders to get involved and contact McDonalds management.  One of my favorite parts (it’s impossible to pick a pure favorite) is when she says she already tried to contact the McDonalds hotline, but they didn’t take her seriously.  I’m dying.

It’s two minutes that I promise will be well worth your time.

Comment with how many times you laughed and then share it with someone!


Better quality version:

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