It's Happening! Trump: "Clinton Uranium Deal Is the New Watergate" -

It’s Happening! Trump: “Clinton Uranium Deal Is the New Watergate”

Eventually, you can only dodge (or pay off) (or kill your way out of *allegedly*) so many scandals before one catches up to you!

Oh what poetic justice this is.  It really couldn’t be any more perfect, almost like, I don’t know, it was divinely orchestrated.  The fake Russia story that they set out to ensnare President Trump has now captured the very people behind the plot.

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Hillary Clinton and the DNC have been exposed as the people who (very illegally) funded the (very Fake) Russian Dossier report.  A hit piece designed to take down Trump, it never stuck and instead bounced off Teflon-Don and boomeranged right back to its funders.  Oops!

But even bigger than this scandal is the Uranium scandal.  Yes, it turns out that everyone EXCEPT President Trump has been colluding with Russia, and now the proof is coming out.  Oh what poetic irony and perfect justice!  For those who know your Bible, it’s the Haman story in Ester all over again!  History repeats itself.  Spoiler alert: Haman was hung for his crimes.

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The Uranium scandal has been buried by the Crooked Media, but they can’t keep it under wraps for much longer.  It’s simply too big.  Too continue to ignore it will utterly destroy what very little credibility they have left.

Folks, this is the story of a generation.  It’s the Watergate of our time, if not bigger.  We have the Clinton Foundation trading $500,000 speaking fees (what a joke!) in exchange for selling uranium to the Russians!

It really can’t be overstated how serious of an offense this is.  It’s treason.  It’s pay for play.  It’s a massive violation of ethics.  It’s criminal.  And yet, the Media, the Democrats and that buffoon Robert Mueller are wasting time in a bogus investigation against President Trump where they can’t even establish Donald Trump sat next to a Russian at dinner, when they have the real scandal now laid at their feet.

Here are more details from the New York Post:

President Trump called the investigation into a uranium deal with Russia that is linked to Hillary Clinton “Watergate: modern age.”

“The uranium sale to Russia and the way it was done was so underhanded. With tremendous amounts of money being passed, I actually think that’s Watergate: modern age,” Trump told a media scrum as he left the White House on Wednesday to head to Texas.

Republican congressmen announced they would begin investigating a controversial uranium deal approved during the Obama administration when Clinton was the secretary of state.

Groups backing the Uranium One sale reportedly donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

I love the way this is playing out.  Whether Trump is the master chess player here, or whether it truly is divinely orchestrated, here’s the situation the Democrats and the Crooked Media and Crooked Robert Mueller now find themselves in.  Bury the story and bury the investigation into the Watergate of our time and utterly destroy any credibility they have left and almost certainly bankrupt their companies, or turn on the Clintons and sacrifice them to save themselves.

It’s just getting good folks….stay tuned!

Go Trump!  We love you Mr. President!  #MAGA  #Trump2020

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