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FoxNews Imploding! Two Anchors Turn on Trump!

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of good news coming out about FoxNews these days.

A long-standing champion of the right/conservative voice in America, the network is fast falling from grace.

First was Bill O’Reilly’s (wrongful) termination.  Which now appears to be a Soros-sponsored hit job.

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Then Sean Hannity was targeted, and he promised to viciously fight back and defend himself.  I’m not sure we’ve heard the end of that one.

Other people like Greta have left the channel under strange circumstances.

And now two anchors that remain, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, appear to be setting their sights on Trump.

Take a look at this clip where they both tear down and rip into our President.  Very disappointed to see this from FoxNews!

Who’s ready for a new channel to take over from Fox News?  ME!  


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  • John Dallas May 13, 2017

    Shep Smith has always been anti-Trump and it’s queer not to know why. Chris Wallace makes no secret of being a Democrat. Fox has always been Fair and Balanced, it’s just now that their big hitters have left that these guys are getting more air time. Can’t wait for the new network to startup, as soon as the non-competes burn off.

  • stop crying May 13, 2017

    Smith is nothing but a drama queen.

  • aVet May 13, 2017

    Shep the kok $ucker has always been anti-Trump….so what’s new about that…..and Wallace is just looking for a ratings jump……

  • David May 15, 2017

    Those two bozo’s never liked President Trump to begin with. I barely can stand to listen to these two hacks.


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