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THIS Is the Only Former President To Attend Trump’s Inauguration!

Which of the living former presidents would you think are most likely to attend the Trump inauguration?

You might assume maybe a republican.  Except the butt-hurt Bush family is still licking their wounds from how seriously Donald Trump unraveled little Jeb.

Bill Clinton looks too sick and drugged up to attend anything.  Obama is too busy destroying America on his way out the door.

So…..if you guessed Jimmy Carter, you’d be right!

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Details from the Washington Times:

Jimmy Carter reportedly remains the only former U.S. president confirmed to attend Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony with less than a month until inauguration day.

While President Obama will undoubtedly be on hand to ceremoniously pass the torch to Mr. Trump on Jan. 20, he’s so far slated to be joined by only one other former commander in chief, Politico reported Friday.

Mr. Carter, 92, told a Sunday school class in Georgia earlier this month that he plans to attend Mr. Trump’s inauguration, making him the only one of Mr. Obama’s three living predecessors to RSVP. Mr. Carter, a Democrat, supported Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

George H.W. Bush, 92, has already confirmed that he’ll be skipping the event, according to a spokesman who cited the former president’s advanced age as the reason he won’t be attending Mr. Trump’s inauguration next month.

George W. Bush, his 70-year-old son, won’t decide until next month whether he’ll attend, a spokesperson said.

“We simply don’t discuss his schedule this far in advance,” spokesperson Freddy Ford told CBS News.

Read source article here.

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