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Did Donald Trump Just EPICALLY Troll Rachel Maddow?

This is TOO good!

Rachel Maddow got all hot and bothered thinking she had just trumped the Trump with a story about his tax returns.  I would say that she had a hard on for Trump, but that would be implying that she looks and acts like a man.  That’s…..clearly…..not true……right?

Anyway….She posted all over social media teasing the story.  The White House seemed VERY primed and ready and beat her to the story, totally deflating her program.

BUT that’s not all.  Now the reporter who sent the returns to Maddow is saying it’s very possible the returns came from Trump himself.

Why does that make sense?  Because the returns are actually very good for Trump.  They’re from only one year, 2005.  And they make Trump look good and Maddow look bad.

Did Donald Trump just epically troll the Crooked Media?

Take a look:

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