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Donald Trump Goes On Maury in 1990 And Shocks the Audience

Since the Crooked Media will only show you Fake News and hate-filled articles about Donald Trump, we will continue to show you stuff like this.

From 1990, this is Donald Trump making an appearance on Maury Povich because he wanted to make a big donation to help a girl with bone disease.  This is decades before he was running for President.

I’ve always told you, Donald Trump has a HUGE heart and he is a good man.  For his whole life, he has done stuff like this because he enjoys helping other people.

My favorite part is when Maury starts talking about Trump:  “Donald Trump has his name on more buildings in New York City than any person…but besides that, he is one of the most generous people I know!”

I’m so proud of our President!  Please share share share to help us fight back against the Fake News Media!

Enjoy this short clip:

Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease

This is really something. Donald Trump is a rare multi-billionaire with a heart of gold, and compassion for many of the unfortunate people in our society. Go Trump 2016! Update: This Video was Tweeted By Donald Trump Campaign:

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