Chicago D.A. Kim Foxx Faces Up to 20 Years in Jail if Convicted of Corruption! -

Chicago D.A. Kim Foxx Faces Up to 20 Years in Jail if Convicted of Corruption!

Yesterday, attorneys acting on behalf of a coalition of media organizations went to court to ask for Jussie Smollett’s court file to be unsealed, due to the unorthodox nature in which it was sealed. We’ve already seen damning evidence against Smollett that the Chicago PD publicly released, and it’s hard to believe Smollett’s file would be sealed if it contained exonerating evidence.

Once revealed, it will likely complicate things further for District Attorney Kim Foxx, whose actions led to Smollett’s charges being dropped. Smollett seems to have mistaken this for an exoneration, and is still sticking to his original story, minus the interest in finding his attackers.

All eyes are already on Foxx as is, and if worse comes to worst, she’ll be facing even more consequences than Smollett (though I guess that isn’t exactly a high bar to clear). According to Breitbart:

Appearing Thursday evening on the Fox News Channel, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo told host Laura Ingraham that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx could serve up to 20 years in prison if convicted of corruption for her handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

INGRAHAM: What do you think about this? I mean, Rahm Emanuel, suddenly, has like put the brakes, Oh no, President Trump, go to baseball. Cutie.

YOO: First of all, I think a lot of Americans, myself included, are outraged by this, the fact that this fakes a hate crime. Look, I’m a minority, you’re a woman, what if were to be attacked legitimately, and now we’re going to be less believed by police and prosecutors because of the example of this guy. I think that’s terrible. I think a lot Americans realize something ought to be done. Second, this is why we have a U.S. Justice Department. Okay, so maybe they just spent a lot of time investigating President Trump to no good effect. But, now they actually exist to make sure there is no corruption going on in state government. If you look at the details of this case where Mrs. Obama’s chief of staff calls the prosecutor, Kim Foxx, and all of the sudden these machinations occur and then the case gets dropped. That is exactly what the Justice Department is supposed to be involved in — to make sure there is no corruption in state government. So, I hope that President Trump is right and that the FBI is starting an investigation to look into this.

INGRAHAM: What’s the potential criminal exposure here, both for Foxx and the state’s attorney office itself?

YOO: So, Foxx could be potentially liable for what’s called mail wire fraud of depriving citizens of their honest services, which if she is convicted, right? This is the standard law that is used to go after corrupt state officials. Suppose she got a bribe, suppose she was promised a fundraiser or who knows what kind of other influence to drop this case, the maximum sentence is 20 years in prison.

As Yoo also elaborated on, legal troubles aren’t over for Smollett either, as he could still face federal charges for mail fraud (when he allegedly mailed a hateful letter to himself).

The two of them could be screwed at this point….. unless they’re lucky enough to be charged by another DA as corrupt as Kim Foxx.

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