Campus Police Chief FIRED Because He 'Liked' Conservative Trump Tweets! -

Campus Police Chief FIRED Because He ‘Liked’ Conservative Trump Tweets!

Apparently, in 2019 America, it is unacceptable to hold any position of influence or power if you are a conservative, lean conservative, or have “liked” something conservative on social media.

That is the takeaway from Mount Holyoke College’s newly-selected campus police chief, Daniel Hect, who is being raked over the coals and likely to lose his job over his “liking” a couple of Trump tweets and engaging with the NRA’s social media account.


Some took to social media to point out the blatant fascist tactics the students engaged in, leading to trouble for Chief Daniel Hect.

This should fire up anyone who is an advocate of and believes in free speech. The fact is the left and the mainstream media have been waging war against all speech they do not approve of, regardless of its being mainstream or its inherent validity, usually resulting in efforts to quell conservative speech.

If individuals cannot be trusted to serve members of their community simply because they hold certain political opinions contrary to certain people, then all Americans will be henceforth disqualified from holding any such position.

Certain persons holding left-leaning opinions, if we take the left’s line of reason, could not possibly serve individuals with conservative beliefs within the community. Therefore, those individuals wouldn’t be able to hold political office or serve as police officers, district attorneys, judges, etc.

The Daily Wire’s Kassy Dillon has an excellent piece on the situation facing Chief Daniel Hect:

“On Wednesday, Mount Holyoke College announced that the newly-selected campus police chief Daniel Hect was placed on administrative leave after a backlash when students discovered he had liked conservative tweets on his Twitter account.

. . .

Hect’s excitement was short lived because soon after, students investigated his Twitter account, finding a few conservative-leaning tweets that he ‘liked.’ Two tweets were from the National Rifle Association, one wishing followers a Merry Christmas and one stating, ‘If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.’ Other tweets were from President Trump discussing the border wall and the government shutdown.

The MHC student who shared screenshots of the tweet said it was ‘unacceptable for someone in charge of keeping any community safe, let alone a campus as diverse as MHC’s, to be publicly displaying his support for hateful regimes and organizations, as well as for individuals who demonize migrants from Mexico or other latin american nations.'”

It’s amazing how individuals just throw around terms like “hateful regimes” and “demonizing migrants” to characterize sane stances on immigration and various other issues. Conservatives need to take note that there is an assault, especially on college campuses, not necessarily on free speech in general, but on any speech or expression that has an air of conservative values.

By all accounts, Mr. Hect is a solid servant of his community, according to this article in the Xavier News Wire at Xavier University, Hect’s former employer.

“Xavier’s new Chief of Police has more than the traditional experience of serving in the military and other police departments. Daniel Hect has made a
career out of connecting to his communities.

Hect believes that a job as a police officer isn’t confined to formalities, but efforts need to be made to engage with those you are sworn to protect. He isn’t all talk, either. Hect came to Xavier to hang out and talk to students at Coffee Emporium about their feelings toward the police department (XUPD) three times before he accepted the position.

What surprised Hect most about these caffeine-fueled visits and what ultimately led him to take the job at Xavier? He was surprised that when he asked students about the perception of their police force, ‘There were all good things to say!’

With Hect’s last gig at Denison University, a liberal arts college near Columbus, Hect had to start building the police/community bond that he was aiming for from the ground up.

At Xavier, Hect will add on to the work started by former police chiefs. To build this bond, Hect plans to sit in on club meetings and get to know students, as well as have various officers attend campus events to maintain high visibility.”

Now, does that sound like some raging racist, bigot, homophobic maniac, aiming to do serious harm to the students he is duty-bound to protect? Obviously not. Mr. Hect is clearly excellent at his job and seeks to bring law enforcement and community together.

Yet, regardless of one’s effectiveness, value, or job performance, an individual can be ousted by a mob if they hold some values contrary to those of the mob. Conservatives everywhere need to realize this is happening and fight back.

Really, it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Freedom of speech should be something coveted and protected by all Americans, even for the types of speech with which we disagree.

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