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BREAKING: White House Drops Huge Truth Bomb that Will Win the Supreme Court Case

Donald Trump does his homework, and despite the image the media paints of him, he is actually incredibly smart!

It looks like history is repeating itself yet again.  The media claims Trump is wrong and will lose.  Trump is actually right and will soon win.  At least, that’s my prediction.  A massive Supreme Court victory is on the horizon regarding this goofy 9th Circuit appeals decision.

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The White House just released some incredible statistics showing the Trump’s travel ban was very well calculated to stop criminal refugees!  In fact, 24 refugees from the 7 banned countries are now charged with terrorism!

Trump was right again.

Here are the details from The Washington Standard:

The White House has just released a list to Fox News containing the names of 24 REFUGEES who came from the 7 COUNTRIES affected by Trump’s TRAVEL BAN, and have been charged with TERRORISM!

This effectively exposes all of Obama’s intentional lies which he spewed in a desperate attempt to cover-up the shocking truth that we now know definitely and beyond any doubt…

Trump has been right all along…

America has had no choice but to listen to the whining brats of the liberal left as they complain about President Donald Trump’s “unfair” travel ban. Unfortunately for liberals who were protesting last night, Trump just dropped a massive bomb on their heads – and it should shut them up for good.

The entire ordeal actually began back when Barack Obama was in office as he loosened our border security and allowed virtually anyone into this country who was merely willing to go for a walk. However, that reality has put our nation in a tough spot in regards to those illegally in our country.

Although Obama has been lying to our nation, saying there’s nothing to worry about in terms of those coming in, this has most recently been proven false. In fact, shocking news broke as liberals were protesting Trump’s temporary travel ban – and boy does it prove them wrong.

Trump Drops HUGE Terror Bombshell While Democrats Keep Obstructing

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Secret List of 24 Refugees Charged with Terrorism Revealed by Trump Administration

FOX Business revealed a federal list of 24 refugees charged with terrorism from the seven nations listed as terror states.

Should Trump take the “Travel Ban” to the Supreme Court?

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