BREAKING: Obama’s White House Administration INTENTIONALLY Attempted to Sabotage President Trump from Day One!


If you didn’t think so already, this clip is going to completely solidify Obama as a slimy, untrustworthy weasel who NEVER intended to see President Trump succeed. Plain and simple; Obama and his team of snakes were committed to sabotaging the incoming Trump Administration from Day 1.

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Catherine Herridge  breaks down the latter Presidents sneaky tactics to internally destroy Donald Trump before he could even begin.

Does this frustrate you as much as it does us? Share. Are you sick of social justice warriors thinking Obama was a champion of the people? Share. Do you want President Trump to know you support him unconditionally through this nonsense? Share.

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TRENDING NOW >>> NEW REPORT: “He’s Ready to Roll” Obama Ready to Get Back Into Politics, Fight Trump!

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