BOOM! The New York Post just Graded President Trumps First 50 Days in Office -

BOOM! The New York Post just Graded President Trumps First 50 Days in Office


Who can argue that President Trump has had an incredible successful first 50 days? Virtually every week has been littered with executive orders, excitement and face melting amounts of action, the media can hardly keep up! Appointing rock star after rock star, President Trump quickly beefed up his administration while effectively draining the latter presidents.

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post thought it’d be fun to grade our President on his first 50 days in office. While we don’t agree with everything, we do think Goodwin was fair with his criticisms and the overall piece was accurate in depicting the accomplishments of our 45th Commander in Chief.

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The New York Post has more:

Trump isn’t asking, but he gets a report card anyway. Assessing his start in three key subject areas, I see a mix of solid hits and key misses, with huge potential and reasons for optimism.

On Subject No. 1, whether he is keeping his campaign promises, Trump scores an A. His focus on doing what he said he would do is the best part of his young presidency because faithfulness is the key to restoring Americans’ trust in government.

Corruption in the halls of power is a perennial problem, but more corrosive these days is the near-universal belief that all politicians say one thing and do another. Trump was elected largely because he was an outsider untainted with that baggage, and on that score, he is proving that voters made the right choice.

His focus on fixing immigration, creating jobs and replacing ObamaCare is consistent with his main campaign themes. Two others, tax reform and rebuilding the military, are next in line. Even those who disagree with Trump must concede he is serious about his pledge to put Americans first.

On Subject No. 2, whether he is delivering results, Trump gets a B. From the moment of the election, he eyed low-hanging fruit he could pick through executive orders, which he issued right out of the gate. Those changes already show impressive gains.

Economic confidence is rising among businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers, thanks in part to the president’s push to keep companies from moving plants and jobs to Mexico. He meets regularly with corporate titans, small business owners and unions, all of whom have ideas on getting the economy roaring.

Simply put, even before the wall is built, America is finally on course to getting border control and creating an immigration system of our choosing.

Subject No. 3, working with others, is the least impressive part of the president’s start and earns him a mediocre C.

His lack of political experience shows in his slow, uneven actions in forming a government. On one hand, his cabinet is generally first-rate, with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Homeland chief John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson looking like stalwart pillars.

Even those who disagree with Trump must concede he is serious about his pledge to put Americans first.

Still other leaks are coming from Trump’s own team. Unflattering reports about him cite sources “close to the president” or “people around him,” which signals inner-circle discontent. That is troubling so early in an administration.

The domestic report card then shows an A, a B and a C, giving the president a solid B average for the first 50 days. That’s a very good start and there is opportunity for big improvement when he gets more experience and has his full team in place.

Here’s the best news: We have a president determined to succeed and willing to work tirelessly to make America great. That’s why I remain optimistic.



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