Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary, Millions Feel Abandoned -

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary, Millions Feel Abandoned

NEW HAMPSHIRE – After being mathematically eliminated in the primary election, Bernie Sanders has capitulated and endorsed Hillary Clinton.  After spending months railing against the establishment, and Hillary Clinton in particular, Sanders has now endorsed Clinton.

The move is particularly devastating to Sanders’ fans, who thought they were part of a movement to change corruption in government.  Instead, their leader has now endorsed potentially the most corrupt candidate ever.  And people aren’t happy.

Sanders supporters took to the Internet to vent their displeasure.  From New York Times:

Senator Bernie Sanders offered a full-throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, urging his supporters to get behind the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. But many of his most loyal followers are not feeling it just yet.

Disappointment in Mr. Sanders cascaded across the internet as he embraced his former rival, describing her as a comrade in the fight to overhaul a rigged campaign finance system and lift the poor out of poverty. The sadness was most evident on the Facebook page where the Vermont senator explained his decision in a message titled “Forever forward” that drew responses infused with a skeptical refrain: Never Hillary.

“You broke my heart and betrayed the left Senator Sanders,” wrote Cesar Agusto Diaz, a Sanders supporter from New York.

Daniel Whitfield, of Discovery Bay, Calif., insisted that the political revolution Mr. Sanders had championed did not have to end just because the senator had given up. However, he said that voting for Mrs. Clinton was not an option.

“Intelligent Bernie supporters will NEVER support her because she stands for everything were fighting against,” he said. “Just because Bernie has left our movement does not mean it is over.”

Some backers of Mr. Sanders suggested that they would give Mrs. Clinton a chance in order to stop Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Others rejected the idea of having to choose between “the lesser of two evils” and suggested that they would give a third party a chance.

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More from CNN:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders formally declared an end to their political rivalry Tuesday, joining forces to take on a shared enemy: Donald Trump.

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president,” Sanders said at a joint rally here. “Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination and I congratulate her for that.”
The 74-year-old self-described democratic socialist, who has been a thorn in Clinton’s side over the last year, pledged to support his former rival through Election Day: “I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”
But there appeared to be little natural chemistry between Clinton and Sanders and their body language was noticeably stiff. The two avoided physical contact after first walking on stage together, and Sanders, in his 30-minute speech, repeatedly mentioned Clinton by name without acknowledging that she was standing next to him looking on.
After concluding his speech, Sanders appeared to move in for a handshake — which Clinton ignored by stretching out her arms and offering a hug, instead.
“We are joining forces to defeat Donald Trump!” Clinton declared. “I can’t help but say how much more enjoyable this election is going to be when we are on the same side. You know what? We are stronger together!”
If Sanders supports want to continue the movement against corruption in government, we at would suggest taking a hard look at Donald Trump.  Sanders and Trump have MUCH more in common that Sanders and Clinton.
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