Ben Carson Just Issued This Dire Warning About the USA -

Ben Carson Just Issued This Dire Warning About the USA

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the United States has a major debt problem….

But when a brain surgeon starts speaking out, it might be wise to listen!  Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson, also a noted brain surgeon and brilliant mind, has just issued a dire warning about the financial condition of the United States.  And it’s bad folks!

I think we all knew things were bad, but we maybe didn’t understand the scope and severity of the issue.  Carson’s recent warning compares the modern day United States to Egypt and Rome and even Great Britain all right before their respective collapses.

We’ve written about it here before, we believe a massive market crash is coming.  Not because of anything Trump is doing.  He’s actually the first President in a long time who is taking steps to FIX the situation.  But there are things outside his control that worry us and appear to also be worrying Ben Carson.

Take a look at this report, from the Washington Examiner:

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said Thursday that the United States could face the same fate as ancient Egypt and Rome unless it finds a way to shrink the national debt.

“You go back to 17th century Spain, 18th century France, 19th century Great Britain, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome — every one of them knew that there was a problem, they did nothing about it and they collapsed,” Carson said. “Are we going to face the same thing or are we going to be smart enough to learn from their examples?”

Carson was asked by Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, during his testimony on the proposed HUD budget to talk about “the need for members of Congress to be honest with our constituents and tell them how urgent it is that we rescue Medicare and Social Security from insolvency.”

Carson responded by discussing the size the U.S. debt. “Twenty trillion dollars, the national debt, just back it back up to $18 trillion. If you tried to pay that off at a rate of 10 million dollars a day, 365 days a year, it would take over 5,000 years,” Carson said.

“This is what we are putting on the back of our citizens,” he said. “Every of those thousands of babies born today will come with a debt of $60,000 on their head. This does not go away, this is there. So we have to work within that reality. Almost every society had an opportunity to do this.”

What do you think?  Is Carson right?  Is a massive crash on the way?

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