Video: Trump Hater JIMMY KIMMEL Nailed With Creepy Video Footage Of Him Molesting A Teen

Jimmy Kimmel has been late-night’s newest fad among the Trump-hating segment of the public.

But the talk show host is now being called out as a creep…and a hypocrite.

Twitter user Austen Fletcher has shared a clip of Kimmel (from The Man Show) playing a game with women on the street where they had to try to figure out “what’s in his pants”…with their hands.

Disgustingly, one stuffed-boxers victim included an 18-year old girl, which Kimmel jokes in the clip about statutorily raping if she were underage.

Kimmel told one unsuspecting young woman she would “make a fine wife” after she was told to grope his crotch.

See the clip below:

Is Kimmel just another sleazy Hollywood hypocrite who abuses women?

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