Video: Top Liberal Journalist AGREES With POTUS About Fake, Lying Anti-Trump Media In EPIC Rant!

Glenn Greenwald is as bona-fide liberal as you can find in the news world, having founded the far-left website The Intercept. 

…and even HE agrees with Trump that the media is aligned in a dishonest conspiracy against 45!

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, Greenwald says that MSM journalists live in a bubble of their peers and compete with each other to write fake, drummed-up stories to get attention.

He also cites the recent “Russian hacking of 21 state election machines” story as total bunk.

READ MORE: Bill and Hillary Clinton Bribed With Millions From Moscow Mob In Exchange For Russian Nuclear Decision!

The video:

We all wish more journalists would be conservatives.

But aren’t honest libs like Greenwald an amazing breath of fresh air?

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