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Popeye Had Spinach, Beto Has… Magical New Mexico Dirt?

Beto O’Rourke, crowned the “coolest dude in America” by the mainstream media, continues to take bizarre behavior to new and unforeseen heights. This time the ex-punk rocker decided he needed to execute the equivalent of dipping in the waters of Lake Minnetonka with Prince, for its “healing powers,” instead opting to ingest magical soil. No surprise here, the Twitter-verse loved it:


The story, covered here by the Western Journal/Conservative Tribune, is every bit as hilarious as one would think or hope it would be. Somewhere, Ted Cruz must be thinking, “I almost lost the Senatorial race to this Democrat in Texas?”

“Buried in recent Washington Post biographical piece about O’Rourke is a bizarre tidbit that should make every American pause and ask a few questions.

Apparently, the man many Democrats think can defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 run also believes that magical dirt is a big part of success.

We’re not kidding. After O’Rourke lost his Senate race to Cruz — disappointing liberals who donated a whopping $70 million in the process — he left his family behind to lick his wounds on a soul-searching journey … one that included swallowing dirt.

‘Beto … was in a “funk.”‘ The Washington Post wrote. ‘In January, Beto hit the road, much as his father had done before him, and drew energy from the people he met, and — on one stop in New Mexico he didn’t write about in his blog — by eating New Mexican dirt said to have regenerative powers.’

Uh, what? This is a man who wants to be the president of the United States next year. But it gets even weirder.


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