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Ohio’s 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Deals a Major Blow Against Planned Parenthood!

An anti-drug, anti-alcohol-anti-abortion sign along County Highway G5T in rural Pella, Iowa.

The pro-life movement can rejoice after earning a decisive victory against Planned Parenthood, in the state of Ohio, on Tuesday.

According to Politico, Ohio’s 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled:

“Ohio can cut state funding to Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions, overturning a lower court ruling that blocked the state from stripping about $1.5 million of annual support from the network of clinics.

The case was one of several across the country addressing attempts to cut public dollars to Planned Parenthood and other providers who offer abortions in addition to a range of health care services. The 6th Circuit’s ruling affects six state public health programs in Ohio, but doesn’t touch Medicaid. The Supreme Court in December declined to review a case brought by other Republican-led states seeking to cut off Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health organizations that offer abortions. More than 20 states additionally have brought legal challenges over a Trump administration rule cutting tens of millions of dollars in Title X funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.”

The National Review explained more behind the rationale for the ruling:

Judge Jeffrey Sutton, writing for the majority, argued that Planned Parenthood had failed to demonstrate that the law would place an “undue burden” on women seeking an abortion — the standard established by the 1992 Supreme Court decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

The law does “not violate a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. It does not condition a woman’s access to any of these public health programs on refusing to obtain an abortion,” Sutton wrote.

“It makes these programs available to every woman, whether she seeks an abortion or not,” he continued. “Nor, on this record, has there been any showing that the Ohio law will limit the number of clinics that offer abortions in the state.”

The legislation will prevent the Ohio Department of Health from passing funding, much of which comes from the federal government, to Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations, which will affect six state public-health programs but will not impact Medicaid.

Writing for the minority, Judge Helen White argued in her dissent that the legislation “would result in an undue burden on a woman’s right to obtain non-therapeutic abortions if imposed directly.”

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The ruling comes after a three-judge panel of the 6th circuit last year stayed a lower court’s ruling blocking the legislation, prompting then-attorney general Mike DeWine, who took office as governor this year, to call for a full-court hearing.

Conservatives and Republican strategists across the nation can look to this decision as another in a string of wins put together by those who are fighting against the abortion-champion Democratic Party.

What’s increasingly important about the nature of these cases is they are being handled at the state level, which continues to run parallel to the prevailing wisdom of conservative legal scholars, believing Roe v Wade to have been wrongfully decided and a broad example of federal government overreach.

The Ohio decision was made possible, in part, by four Trump-appointed judges who comprise the 11-member bench.

What is truly insidious about the way Planned Parenthood and Democrats justify the “family health” clinic’s existence is how they characterize, and perhaps, conflate the services these baby-killing factories provide.

In a statement regarding the Ohio 6th Circuit decision, right on cue, Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen said the decision will “roll back the gains to public health — harming women’s health, children’s health and the health of families across Ohio.”

You see, it’s not about the slaughtering of the unborn, the left will tell you, it’s about the wonderful family-protecting services their front-of-house operations provide.

Shame on us, who focus on the inhumane practices engaged in by abortion doctors and Planned Parenthood en mass.

Their argument is that we should all support the Planned Parenthood cause, regardless of our stance on abortion, because they are champions in the fight against sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, and other public health issues.

Don’t worry about the gruesome details of the “other services” their clinics provide. But, the problem Planned Parenthood and their Democrat sponsors have is that conservatives will not turn their backs on morally repugnant practices.

Even if those evil actions are “dressed up” with other legitimate and less controversial services.

One thing pro-lifers can count on is the fire which has been ignited in the bellies of conservatives, thanks to the incredibly radical position the mainstream Democrat Party has taken in regards to the issue of abortion, as Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) points out in his tweet:

More victories will continue to abound in the near future, as Americans wake up to the fact that the left cares nothing for the sanctity of life, including all the way up to and after birth.

Here’s more:

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