New Media Study Of Anti-Trump Bias – The Numbers Will SHOCK You!

A bombshell new study indicates a staggering amount of media bias against President Donald Trump.

A Pew research study indicates that despite similar economies, and even many similar policies, President Obama received – wait for it – 740% more positive media coverage than Trump.

Only 5% of the media coverage of President Trump’s first 60 days had a favorable assessment.

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In contrast, President Obama’s first 60 days saw almost half of the coverage containing a positive assessment, meaning that Obama had a whopping 700+ % advantage in press coverage.

More from The Daily Caller:

38 percent of Obama’s coverage was neither positive nor negative, while only 20 percent of the coverage was negative.

The majority of the coverage of Trump–62 percent–contained a negative assessment. 33 percent of Trump’s coverage had neither a positive nor a negative connection.

The difference between the coverage of Bill Clinton and George Bush was more measured.

Clinton enjoyed 27% positive coverage, while Bush had 22%. Both presidents had a 28% negative coverage.

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