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This List Of President Trump’s First-Year Accomplishments Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

One of the most common mainstream-media narratives about the Trump Presidency a “lack” of major accomplishments by 45 or the Congress. 

That rhetoric opens the door for media pundits to twist the truth. For instance, the economy is doing very well – but cable news networks ask viewers how can the prosperity in America possibly be Trump’s doing, when we keep telling you he’s done so little?

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Today, an independent website called MagaPill tweeted a mammoth, complete list of the Trump Administration’s accomplishments.

The carefully-compiled chronological list is so overwhelming, even the President himself re-tweeted and thanked the website!

Here’s just a small fragment of the list…

You could go crazy trying to read them all, but headlines like “Factories Expanding At 11-Year High” are exciting, along with so many other facts not reported in the Fake News.

President Trump’s response…

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  • geneb2000

    You can feel the excitement in America. People are optimistic, haters are becoming more and more aggressive as they feel their influence waning. We are on our way to Making America Great Again and the liberals are scared stiff. If this trend continues, they will lose a lot of influence, and their power base will be reduced to a bunch of sniveling college students who are living entitled lives paid for by their parents. Not much to work with, most of them are in debt up to their elbows. I’m excited about America under Donald J. Trump.