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Liberal Activist Convicted Of 14 Counts Of Voter Fraud

According to the MSM, voter fraud is not real or in the worst-case scenario, it happens very rarely. But this liberal activist didn’t get the memo. 

Rebecca A. Hammonds was sentenced for 6 months in county jail for 14 counts of voter fraud. Way too light a sentence, if you ask me.

She’s a liberal activist who was hired to collect voter registration signatures in Ohio. But she registered dead people to vote and completely forged other people’s information. The thing is, she wasn’t even paid by the signature – she was being paid by the hour.

Yup, she didn’t even make any money off of her criminal activity. Democrats claim that voter ID laws are somehow racist or bigoted. But it’s just a huge front to keep people like this from getting caught.

Not this time, Rebecca. She was originally charged with 35 counts of voter fraud, but plead guilty to 14 counts and will sit in county jail for 6 months. Who thinks it’s time to create greater maximum sentences? Comment below and tell me how much time you think she should have gotten.

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