THE IRONY: Liberal Snowflakes Say The Term "Snowflake" Is Damaging To Their Mental Well-Being! -

THE IRONY: Liberal Snowflakes Say The Term “Snowflake” Is Damaging To Their Mental Well-Being!

A survey has revealed that many young liberals believe being branded a  “snowflake” could be hurting them emotionally. 

The insurance company Aviva found that 72% of 16 to 24-year-olds think the term “snowflake” is unfairly handed to millennials. Okay, that sounds fair enough.

But then comes the whopper…and even greater majority think that calling snowflakes “snowflakes” is damaging to their mental health!

“Snowflake,” of course, is never used to describe ALL young Americans but rather those offended by “micro” aggressions and who are always looking around for the next outrage in their otherwise-cushy lives.

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More from Breitbart: 

The study was born out of interest in the term “snowflake generation” which was originally used to describe young people who thought they were unique or special. Some suggest it was popularized by a line in the 1996 novel Fight Club and its 1999 film adaptation: “you are not special, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.”

The word’s meaning eventually evolved to mean “overly-sensitive.” It is often used to describe college students who claim that they are offended by controversial or even mundane ideas.

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, has embraced the rise in popularity of the term. “There is a kind of new Victorianism,” he said. “Every generation gets offended by different things but my friends who teach in high school tell me that their students are very easily offended.”

Dr. Doug Wright argues that because young people are more likely to experience mental health issues than older generations, they are especially susceptible to damage as a result of usage of the “snowflake” label.

“Our findings suggest that young adults are more likely to be experiencing mental health problems, so using a phrase which criticizes this age group could add to this issue,” he said. “Any term used disparagingly to a segment of the population is inherently negative.”

“While young adults in particular appear to take offence to the ‘snowflake’ label, the majority of adults agree that the term is unfair and unhelpful, so it’s important that people consider how such labels are used, and the cumulative effect they could have on their recipients,” he finished.

While this report is the ultimate irony, Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams recommends calling “outraged” young activists who vainly draw attention to themselves “Peacocks” instead of “Snowflakes.”

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