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DISGUSTING: Adam Schiff Now Going After Melania!

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is truly pathetic. Fresh off being repeatedly raked over the coals, by the few remaining honest journalists, for continuing to claim publicly that he possessed damning information proving President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election, “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff has now decided to shift his focus.


Others noted how truly despicable it is for the opposition party to unnecessarily attack the First Lady.

Republicans have had to understand all along that the Democrats would never let Trump’s 2016 victory go. The Trump-Russia collusion investigation was based on falsified opposition research from the get go.

It was clear from the early proceedings of the FBI investigation, under the direction of former Director James Comey, that the deep state was prepared to do everything in its power to collaborate with the Democrat-led agenda to undermine, handcuff, and eventually remove the President by any means necessary.

Special Counsel Bob Mueller, though he seems to have been a fairly straight shooter, took much longer than he needed to conclude that the Trump team never colluded with Russia. He also couldn’t control potentially reputation-damaging leaks from coming, most likely, straight from his group of investigators.

Every rank and file Democrat—from politicians to media members, political strategists to activists, donors to Hollywood-ites—beat the Russia collusion drum vigorously for over two years. Their stake in the veracity of all they’ve been pushing throughout Trump’s presidency cannot be overstated.

However, what Adam Schiff is doing is proof that he and likely members of his party, along with the media, will stop at nothing and go after anyone they want in order to try to nail some part of Trump to the wall.

This article over at Vanity Fair explains what Pencil Neck-Schiff is doing and where it will lead:

“As Congress adjusts its expectations for the Mueller report, House Democrats are busily probing new avenues of potential criminal or unethical conduct involving President Donald Trump, including allegations of financial mismanagement and foreign-influence peddling surrounding his inauguration. Last month, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff sent a letter requesting documents from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a longtime friend of First Lady Melania Trump who had a lead role in planning the events leading up to the president’s swearing-in, and who later served as an unpaid senior adviser in the East Wing.

The document request represents one portion of a broader Democratic effort to build on the work begun by Robert Mueller, who handed his completed report on Russian election meddling to Attorney General William Barr last month. In the course of his investigation, Mueller reportedly looked into other allegations of foreign influence over Trump and his associates, but Democrats are pushing further. In his letter, Schiff asked Wolkoff for documents related to communications with foreign officials related to any gifts, offers, solicitations, or contributions to Trump and the Trump Organization; Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his “business interests”; and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her business dealings. More broadly, Democrats on the Intelligence Committee have asked for a host of information about the inaugural planning, including organization charts and employee information; complete donor lists and due diligence related to donations the inaugural committee received; inaugural budgets and invoices; guest lists for the events; any payments made directly by donors to vendors; and any effort to shield the identity of donors.”

This has gone too far. Republicans and the few intellectually honest Democrats who remain need to fight this with all they’ve got.

The idea that old Pencil Neck and his band of lackeys can find something that the world’s top investigative agency couldn’t is ridiculous. In fact, the name of the game here is not to actually find anything substantial—though, if they did, I’m sure Schiff and the Dems would rejoice like nobody’s business.

What is really sickening is that this is most assuredly being done so that the cloud that has hung over the Trump administration remains in place through the 2020 election. Any aspersions which can be cast upon the Trump administration or any other associates will be fair game.

Keeping the Trump-Russia collusion investigation going is Pencil Neck’s “good fight.” He is essentially a zealot in the religion of anti-Trumpism.

Kag Daily sums up the egregiousness of the whole thing nicely:

“[T]his move by Adam Schiff to go after Melania’s good friend, who was her top aide in the White House, is a terrible precedent.

What makes it worse, she already cooperated with the SDNY when they nailed Michael Cohen for his shady dealings. so if she did anything wrong, she would have been busted with him or by Mueller. No, this looks like an attempt to embarrass Melania to get to Trump.”

If this is doesn’t fire up the Republican base, suburban women, and intellectually honest and good Americans everywhere, I don’t know what will. Furthermore, we will have been entirely lost in a way in which I didn’t believe was possible, as a nation.


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