Democrats Now Accusing Trump Of Trying To Unify, Rule All Branches Of Government!

When Trump took office, the residue of the dirty Hillary Clinton campaign led to attacks on 45 from “Hitler” perspective. “Oh, he’ll be just like Hitler!”

Trump took office and didn’t do a lot of “Hitler” type things. In fact, his lack of racist hatred toward Russia, China and Eastern Europe has eased foreign relations with our rival superpowers, while the Democrats try to start a new Cold War over Hillary’s loss.

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So then they changed to the “Russia collusion” narrative, which is dying out. Then it was the sex allegations again…until that fell apart when sleazy lawyers and bribery turned out to be the source of many of the claims.

Where do the Dems go now? Back to “Hitler” again!

More from Breitbart:

Tuesday on MSNBC, when asked about President Donald Trump’s tweets about the FBI, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said Trump was “systematically trying to shut down every possible branch of government but the presidency.”

That she said could lead to him becoming a “tyrant.”

Speier said, “I am concerned that the president of the United States is systematically trying to shut down every possible branch of government but the presidency. So you got him attacking the judiciary, you have him attacking the CIA, you have him attacking the Department of Justice, the FBI. I mean this is the conduct of someone who could become a tyrant if we don’t step in and speak out against him.”

She continued, “I think he is being so un-presidential and he is undermining the very foundation of this country and institutions that we hold so dear and that are protected in the Constitution of the United States.”

The partisan’s comments lack integrity, since “checks and balances” aren’t supposed to work because people don’t try hard to push their agenda. People are supposed to fight passionately for their agenda, that’s how checks and balances work!

In other words, Speier isn’t complaining about the government. She’s complaining that her party is LOSING the fight to control it.

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