DEAD WRONG: Watch Countless Libs Who Predicted Trump Impeachment Over Russian Collusion

Robert Mueller’s investigation is over at long last, and to the surprise of no conservative, there was no collusion after all. For some reason, liberals are upset to learn that the President didn’t collude with a hostile foreign power.

It shouldn’t have come to much of a surprise either, considering that not a single person indicted by Mueller throughout the entire course of the investigation was indicted for anything relating to collusion with Russia. Did liberals think that Mueller was saving his best for last for dramatic emphasis? That may be how federal investigations work in a movie, but not real life.

Regardless, liberal pundits have been predicting that the manufactured “bombshell” of the day would be Trump’s demise since practically the day he took office. Watch just how wrong they all were below:

Even the Washington Post, no friend of the President, put together a similar compilation noting how frequently pundits wrongly predicted the end of the Trump presidency.

Who knows what phony scandal the mainstream media will mindlessly push next, but something tells me they’ll still regularly inaccurately predict the demise of Trump’s presidency… until January 2023.

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