CNN Turns On Michelle Obama For Her "Unwoke" Attack On Trump -

CNN Turns On Michelle Obama For Her “Unwoke” Attack On Trump

Michelle Obama probably never thought she would be considered “unwoke” at any point in her life. Now, hilariously, she has been branded as such by those who took exception to her characterization of President Trump’s handling of his presidency as that of a “divorced dad.”

Apparently, those who take divorce and its impact on children and families seriously felt the former-First Lady was off-base.

Others called for Mrs. Obama to “do better,” expressing their heartfelt disappointment.

An article over at People follows the back-and-forth between Michelle Obama and late night talk show-host Stephen Colbert, who hosted the London event where the “divorced dad” comments originated:

“During a Sunday stop on the book tour for her hugely popular memoir, former First Lady Michelle Obama jokingly compared President Donald Trump‘s administration to the parenting style of a ‘divorced dad.’

CNN anchor Dana Bash called it ‘remarkably unwoke,’ and some divorced fathers have taken umbrage at the remark.

Video from the London event, which was hosted by Stephen Colbert, shows Obama made the comment after Colbert said, ‘America is like a teenager.’

‘We are a teenager, we talked about this, we’re like a teenage country,’ Obama, 55, agreed.

‘And we’re confused ’cause our body is changing,’ joked Colbert, 54, prompting Obama’s reply:

‘We’re changing all over the place. And we come from a broken family. We’re a teenager, where we’re a little unsettled and having good parents is tough. Sometimes you spend weekends with divorced dad and that feels like it’s fun but then you get sick — that’s what America’s going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad right now.'”

CNN host Dana Bash’s criticism, along with her guest’s feelings, were further covered by The Blaze.

“Bash and her guest CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett heavily criticized the former first lady for mocking divorced fathers as unserious parental figures.

‘To make the analogy to divorced dads for someone like Michelle Obama is terrible unwoke to use a term that the kids use,’ Bash said.

‘It’s not the 1950s,’ she added. ‘There are a lot of divorced dads.’

Bennett agreed and called it a ‘really big misstep’ on the part of the former first lady.”

There were, of course, plenty of individuals willing to come to Mrs. Obama’s defense. We have to remember who she was denigrating: single, divorced fathers.

It is open season, and has been for quite some time, on men (particularly straight white males). Criticizing a man who has gotten a divorce is not something which ranks high on the SJW scale of socially unacceptable behavior.

With that in mind, it is interesting that CNN host Dana Bash and her guest would go after Michelle Obama on such grounds. Their extremely left-wing, pro-Obama audience likely didn’t take kindly to her chipping away at the untouchable facade of the former-First Lady.

Yet, we are in the age of leftists attacking leftists, jockeying for position as the most “woke” among us. If they continue to tear each other down, Republicans can sit back and capitalize.

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