Clintonians and Brazile-ians Choose Sides As Democratic Party ERUPTS In Civil War!

Former DNC chief Donna Brazile admitted today that Hillary Clinton rigged the Democrats’ 2016 primary election. 

Now, leading members of the party are picking sides.

As you might expect, the rank-and-file Clintonian wing is attacking the messenger. Brazile is being called an opportunist, even a “sexist” (lol!) on Twitter for exposing poor, innocent Madam Secretary.

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But others, like Elizabeth Warren, are speaking out against Crooked Hillary.

Here’s Elizabeth Warren earlier today:

And Tom Perez doing his best Bill Belichick “On to Cincinnati” –

And Julian Assange of Wikileaks has chimed-in with this chilling audio of Hillary urging the United States to interfere and rig an election in Palestine:

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