BREAKING: ESPN Loses ONE MILLION Subscribers, Makes MASSIVE Layoffs As Liberal Politics Backfire!

ESPN, following its push to become more “liberal” and more political, is hemorrhaging subscribers at a dangerous rate. The network has now announced massive layoffs.

Awful Announcing is using the word “carnage” to describe the situation as ESPN.

Breitbart is reporting a massive loss of households from November to December, putting the Bristol-based sports network back on the same subscriber loss-rate the company had experienced in the recent past.

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Over 150 studio and technical jobs have been cut at ESPN as the bosses try to stem a potentially devastating loss of profit.

More from Breitbart:

One would think with the NFL, college football, and the NBA all in action, that it would be a great time to be a sports cable network.
Well, the one who thinks that would be wrong, it’s not a great time to be a sports cable network. Moreover, it’s an even worse time if you’re ESPN.

While it appeared as though ESPN had at least slowed the bleeding of subscribers this year, a massive loss of households from November to December, essentially put the the Bristol-based sports giant back on the same subscriber loss rate the company had experienced before.

According to Awful Announcing, ESPN “…dropped 100,000 subscribers from November to December and 274,000 from August to December. And they’d previously dropped 220,000 from March to August, and 422,000 from February to March. Back in February, ESPN was in an estimated 87,859,000 homes, so they’ve lost an estimated 916,000 homes this year.

Politics may not explain every subscriber loss that ESPN took in the November-December estimate. However, it is kind of interesting how ESPN sustained a sudden, much more massive loss in households so soon after one of the most grotesque displays of political sports media bias in recent history.

Consumers have been given a choice between enjoying sports on Fox, where nobody lectures them on their politics…and on ESPN, where conservatives are viewed as beneath the network’s dignity and not welcomed.

Fox is therefore winning handily, but it’s ESPN that stupidly handicapped itself in the ratings race.


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