Only In America: Ted Cruz And Luke Skywalker Have 12-Round Twitter Slug-Fest Over Net Neutrality

Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner it’s conservative GOP Senator Ted Cruz! In that corner, it’s Mark Hamill…otherwise known as Luke Skywalker!

Ted Cruz and Mark Hamill are engaging in a Twitter war over net neutrality laws…and in spite of long odds (considering Hamill’s…ahem, “Empire” of Twitter followers and social-media mojo) Cruz appears to have gotten the upper hand!

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Hamill has said that he “hates” Trump’s FCC board and that Luke Skywalker would feel the same way, due to their decision to free the internet from government regulations.

Cruz shot back as if speaking to the Star Wars character.

Good points, all. Going on the defensive, Hamill responded with a barrage of insults…

Cruz struck back with a light-saber, er, we mean, some quotes from Star Wars in defense of a free internet:

Hamill’s Democrat legions fought back by changing the subject some more, bringing up women’s rights issues.

But Cruz is right…Darth Vader was the ultimate government-regulator! Luke Skywalker and The Rebellion were fighting for a free, open society…and I’m sure they were no fans of the Emperor trying to regulate what was on anyone’s computers.

Authoritarian control is the real agenda of Democrats today, or even long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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